The Absolute Best Hair Accessories for Every Hair Type

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Valle constantly wears hair clips, headbands, and barrettes in her hip-grazing long hair, and she's more than happy to lean into the kiddish nature of the look. "I'm actually down to look like a toddler when wearing clips," she says. "It's inevitable.

Most recently she launched her own hair accessory line with Kitsch—you know, those bedazzled word barrettes that are all over Instagram? "I launched my hair accessories collection with Kitsch last winter as a way for real girls to have nonintimidating and affordable options for styling super-sparkly pieces," she says.

Her approach to hair accessorizing is as inventive as every other aspect of her style, and she gravitates toward the pieces other people shy away from. "I'm a clips and headbands girl—I especially love anything sparkly and beaded," she says.

Micaéla Verrelien's Instagram presence is all about positive vibes, so it's no surprise her approach to hair accessories is just as fun and playful. "I remember wearing bows in my hair as a child, and wearing them as an adult in my twenties is honestly the funniest thing ever," she says.

Marjan says the hair accessory trend is "all about being creative and letting your personal style have a chance to shine. " With hair accessories that say everything from Glam to Damn to Feelings, there's a barrette for every one and every mood.

Instead of obsessing over getting clips on each side of her head perfectly symmetrical, Li prefers to put one clip lower in her hair than the other. "That usually keeps it less poufy and the clips are more subtle," she says.

Li prefers to buy her hair clips in multiples. "I have really thick hair, so using only two hair clips to hold back my hair would never work," she says. "I like to pile them on instead and use them when I have my hair in a braid to hold it in place.

It might sound strange, but Valle thinks hair clips can accentuate more than just your hair. "I place my hair clips in at the same point of the arch of my brows," she says. "It’s the best spot.

While most people throw their hair in a ponytail when they're feeling lazy, people with longer hair like Valle don't often have the luxury because it weighs them down. "Because my hair is so long, a ponytail isn't always the comfiest," she says.

Valle doesn't just appreciate the aesthetic value of a good hair clip but the practicality of it too. "I always do a double-clip moment," she says. "It keeps hair out of my face and also looks adorable.

One of Verrelien's favorite hair looks was when she wore all of her hair out with tons of bobby pins spread across her hair line. "It brings some edge to any outfit," she says.

Although they wouldn't look out of place on a middle schooler, her trick for not making it look childish is all about placement. "Definitely don't put hair clips where you would have ears if you were an animal," she suggests. "I constantly struggled with that. " Instead she recommends spreading them throughout a ponytail or braid.

Marjan created her hair accessory line with the intention of everything being "easily dressed up or down and worn for any occasion," she says.

As a fan of anything beaded, Li says this Simone Rocha headband (that's encrusted with glossy beads and transparent flowers) is the "most elevated" hair accessory there is.

When it comes to many styles she plays with, though, she admits it isn't entirely as effortless as it seems. "I'm obsessed with the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo for when my hair is straight, and I love to use a silk bonnet when my hair is curly while I sleep. " Accessories make it easier (and more fun) to transition between the two.

For Tyla, that's a headwrap. "When I’m having a bad hair day, I tie my hair up in a headwrap and I’m ready to go," she says.

Verrelien is a big proponent of not hopping on a bandwagon just because it's happening, but if there's one accessory that's worth the hype, she says it's this pearl hair clip that's been all over Instagram.

Instead of wearing scrunchies, Valle just pops a couple of these in to make her hair look "styled.

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