The Best Makeup for Dry Eyes

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I don't put in my lenses until the last possible moment before leaving my apartment, I keep a bottle of eye drops in my bag at all times, and if my lenses aren't out by dusk, I start doing this thing where I blink very slowly, like a sloth (probably), to maximize the amount of time my eyes are closed.

Please do not send me hate mail about my $58 eyeliner, because (a) it's good (trust me), and (b) it doesn't bleed or wear off when I'm touching my eyes.

Whatever I wear needs to hold up to the eye drops too, and the oil on my fingertips (I don't rub my eyes, but ease the discomfort by gently pressing my index and middle fingers into either corner).

Oil-soluble cleansers are often a no-go, because anyone who's ever been fitted for contact lenses knows that ish will form a film over your eyes and make it impossible to watch Netflix for at least 20 minutes.

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