10 Stars You Totally Forgot Won Golden Globes

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The very first Golden Globes celebrated the films of 1943, a year film trivia buffs might recognize as when Casablanca took home the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director.

In actuality, Carey won his first Golden Globe on the drama side for The Truman Show (even though, as good as it is, you can make a very strong case that it's a comedy).

The New Star of the Year award would be discontinued about a decade later when Pia Zadora, perhaps most famous for winning a Golden Globe, won the award for Butterfly the same year she won a Razzie for Worst Actress.

No, the only member of her family with a competitive globe is her son, Desi Arnaz Jr. , who won New Star of the Year trophy for his supporting role in this mostly otherwise forgotten drama.

Despite six nominations, Lucille Ball never won a Golden Globe in a competitive category (though, she did win the Lifetime Achievement Award eventually).

In its 76-year history, the Golden Globes has certainly garnered a reputation for doing things its own way, whatever critics and the rest of the awards show ilk have to say be damned.

The Golden Globe Awards for New Star of the Year are remembered today as, at best, a footnote, and, at worst, a punchline.

But it not only ran for three seasons but also won Ron Perlman a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Drama, beating out L. A.

In reality, not only does Hogan exist, but he won the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy category and also scored an Oscar Nomination for co-writing the film as well.

Then, exactly one year later, Carey won again in the Comedy/Musical category for his Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon, even if you could make the case that's actually a drama.

That's basically what Twiggy did in 1970, and 18 months late she won not one, but two Golden Globes (both Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical and Best Newcomer).

Remember, that supporting actor category at the Globes is for all television, including dramas, miniseries, and movies.

No disrespect at all to Ursula Andress, as she definitely left a mark on the culture and found success in her native Sweden, but she walked away with the award for her role as the first Bond Girl despite having both her speaking voice and singing voice overdubbed by another performer.

Yet, the Globes had more of a fondness for her, and she took home a trophy in the Musical/Comedy category upon her second nomination.

In what is still considered one of the biggest upsets in Globes history, Russell won for Felicity at the 56th Golden Globes.

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