Baby Yoda Beauty Products May Be Coming Soon, Thank God

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Inside the Magic, a blog about all things Disney (which all things Star Wars now are), noticed that Lucasfilm has submitted at least 28 trademark applications for a wide swath of Baby Yoda merchandise — under the more official names of "The Child" and "The Mandalorian The Child" — and among the figurines, mugs, and hoodies found Baby Yoda cosmetics.

That little creature is easily the cutest thing Lucasfilm has put its name on in years (no offense, Babu Frik), and I somehow relate to most of the 80 kajillion Baby Yoda memes even though they're based on screenshots of scenes I've never seen. (And that's probably a good thing since the memes are all but inescapable on social media.

The two beauty-related applications, submitted on December 11 and December 23 by Lucasfilm, seek a standard character mark on the following: nonmedicated cosmetics, nonmedicated dentifrices (a fancy way of saying "toothpaste"), nonmedicated toiletry preparations, and perfumes. "Nonmedicated cosmetics" and "nonmedicated toiletry preparations" are clearly very broad categories that could include anything from lipstick to body lotion to false lashes.

There's no word yet on when Baby Yoda beauty products will be launched, if ever (trademark applications often cover all conceivable bases to ensure no one else can take a certain name for their own products).

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