Everything Used for Nicole Kidman's Golden Globes Hair Cost Less Than $6

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To disperse the product evenly, Heath then combed through the hair and also used the comb to create a distinct part running all the way down the center of Kidman's head. "I blew the hair out, starting in the front," Heath explains. "I worked a little volume into the roots with a round brush, and once the hair was dry I smoothed it out section by section with a straightener.

The rest was easy as pie: Heath applied Dry Texture Finishing Spray to the roots and gave a little tease before tucking Kidman's hair behind her ears and smoothed out her flyaways using Compressed Micro Mist Hold Level 3: Boost Hair Spray.

Most of Kylee's work went into prepping Kidman's hair while damp. "I am all about prepping the hair," she says. "Since we were going for a sleek look, it was important to prep it with products that would help make it last through the night.

Heath created the "modern" style to complement Kidman's "classic" dress, and did so entirely with Tressemmeé products.

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