How to Choose the Right Powder, Liquid or Cream Foundation

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While liquids are great for blending and hydrating, the same emollients that make them more pliable and easy to work with also make them more prone to crease, melt or move off of your face.  "I prefer a face to be matte in the right places—forehead, under the eyes, the side of nose, chin and jawline—and have more shine and luminescence in other places  like the bridge of the nose and the cheekbones because this makes a face more three dimensional on camera," says Puckey.  "I would use a liquid foundation first and then apply a powder foundation to mattify and for touch-ups during the day".

The pros and cons of powder vs. liquid foundations are many, but a basic rule to follow is to start with your skin type. “Powder foundations are excellent for oily, combination skin or those who prefer a matte finish,” says makeup artist Derek Selby. “These are also the easiest and quickest formulas to apply.

Surface-treated pigments are enhanced by a layer of silicone or other materials that improve application, how they feel on your skin and add long-wear properties,” says Dobos. “When layering any other type of makeup over liquid products, be sure to give your foundation adequate time to dry otherwise it can streak and become uneven.

Celebrity makeup artist Benjamin Puckey says to choose a powder for a more matte look: “A powder foundation will have a more matte finish, less coverage and be quicker to apply than a liquid foundation, which can be great if you’re in a hurry.

Puckey, who arguably has access to every makeup product in the world, says his top picks are worth the investment: “My favorite liquid foundation has been for years now, the Radiant Fluid Foundation by Clé De Peau ($128), because it gives the skin a natural-but-better look and has a beautiful luminescent finish.

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