Kim Cattrall’s Makeup Artist LOVES This Foundation for Mature Skin

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Furthermore, when it comes to under-eye concealer, Barose says to never use your finger to blend as it’ll get “gloppy” (use a concealer brush instead). “When it comes to undereye concealer, you need a formula that will give you coverage but without looking cakey or dry, which ultimately emphasizes fine lines,” he explains. “I love a liquid concealer formula like M. A. C.

Luckily for us, Barose revealed all the makeup tricks he used on the star in a new interview with Allure, including what he thinks is the biggest makeup myth for older women. “I think the whole, ‘When you get older, you shouldn’t wear too much makeup’ is such a fad and is better in theory,” explains Barose. “But in real life, a bit more makeup is great as long as you use the right products and as long as the end result doesn’t look heavy or caked on.

In order to create a flawless complexion on mature skin, Barose likes to use a more hydrating formula. “I love the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Foundation because it provides coverage without changing the texture of your skin,” he says.

Ever since her Sex & the City days, Kim Cattrall has worked with makeup artist Nick Barose, a man with a long list of celebrity clientele (Angela Bassett and Zoe Saldana included! ).

In fact, Barose’s favorite trick is one he actually learned from Cattrall herself: “The first time I worked with Kim she showed me to line your lips only where you want to enhance them, so just the Cupid’s bow and a bit on the center of the bottom lips, a technique that makes your lips appear fuller.

Barose is quite a force in the industry, and with so many years of experience under his belt, it’s no surprise that he knows quite a few tips and tricks when it comes to applying makeup—especially for clients with more mature skin.

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