These Women Are Redefining What It Means to Have ‘Parisian Style’

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If author and journalist Sophie Fontanel has given the middle finger to the notion that there is a codified set of rules for fashion and beauty over 50, the women highlighted below are proudly showing the way for a younger generation of women who are ready to express themselves free from the grips of a generations-old myth. “The mainstream, accepted image of the Parisian woman is embodied by sophistication and elegance on slender, tall, white women.

I want to wear original pieces, timeless pieces. “I’m not making a conscious effort to influence the ways others perceive Parisian women, but I do hope that the collective image of her will evolve. “The brands I work with and love have already understood that the Parisian woman is varied and diverse, colorful and cosmopolitan.

That’s why I love it so much. “I hope women see that, through my style, the Parisienne isn’t necessarily a blond with poker-straight bangs but rather a cosmopolitan woman who isn’t necessarily born in Paris, but is well-traveled and draws inspiration from other cultures.

That has been a step toward liberating Parisian women to express themselves as they wish. That’s a good start. “I discovered modest fashion as a style through Dina Torkia when I was studying in London.

Never mind that French girl is used as a stand-in for Parisian—a conflation we likely owe to the framing of the 1950s and ’60s mavens of popular culture like Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot as French icons, but who remain eminently tied to Parisian mythology—their reverence to a billion-dollar archetype is as reductive to the real women of Paris as it is to the women aspiring to be them.

Anlya’s favorite places to shop: “The Frankie Shop for a more traditionally Parisian esthetic and Kenza B, which specializes in modest fashions. “Parisian style has always been synonymous with elegance, effortless chic and with an antiquated image that no longer matches reality.

The dolled-up look we see time and again isn’t actually the norm. “Women of color generally don’t find themselves in the classic representations of Parisian women, in terms of fashion or makeup.

“I hope women see that the Parisienne isn’t necessarily a blond with poker-straight bangs but rather a cosmopolitan woman who defines her own style, which is modern and fun.

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