This Is the Exact Red Lipstick Kirsten Dunst Wore on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

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Tonight's beauty look is based on Dunst's soft pink, ethereal lace gown, which beautifully complements the simple makeup. "We wanted the beauty look to feel very modern and simple," says Wiles. "More runway, not so red carpet.

As for eye shadow, she matched the mulptile pink shades in Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette 167 to Dunst's gown, starting in the inner corners of the eye and blending outwards. "She always feels really confident in a red lip, and it just gives you that red carpet look," says Wiles.

She likes to leave an under eye mask on while she does eye makeup, allowing the maximum time for hydration to sink in. "The emphasis is on the lip, but we love to put liner all the way around the eye and make the eys look really big and beautiful," Wiles said.

Wiles started by prepping Dunst's skin, she says, "because you don't want to struggle with makeup on skin that's dry".

Wiles always opts for a matte lip for red carpets for a reason we never would have thought of: "Matte is going to stay in place, and if a breeze blows her hair into her lips, it's not going to rub off and leave her with red in the hair.

We can't predict who will take home the trophy tonight, but we do know that Dunst's hair is absolutely not getting stuck to her lipstick on the red carpet, thanks to her makeup artist Mary Wiles.

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