Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop TV Show Is Getting Roasted on Twitter

Curated via Twitter from Allure’s twitter account….

In a move we'll point out is likely exactly what Paltrow and Goop were hoping for, Twitter spent most of Monday roasting the ad, meme-ing snippets from the trailer, and coming up with new hashtags for the series. (One new hashtag is #PoopLab, which I'll admit is probably not part of Goop's PR strategy.

As always, we recommend fact-checking wellness claims with a certified professional that you trust, keeping any ongoing therapy sessions you may have on your calendar even though the trailer claims there's a way to go through "years of therapy in about five hours," and holding off on signing up for an exorcism just because someone in Gwyneth Paltrow's admittedly chic open-plan office did so.

On Monday, Netflix dropped a trailer for Paltrow's Goop Labs, a six-part series about wellness-adjacent topics like orgasms, energy healing, and acupuncture.

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