This Brand Released a Full Collection Inspired by Its Met Gala Dress

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It's an "ironic" interpretation of the name of the brand, San Martin says, which then informed the selection of the colors, fabric, and silhouette. "To be honest, in the beginning, when we spoke about the fruit, we were a bit like, 'Okay…this is going to be challenging,'" San Martin admits.

Most pieces are under $130, with the exception of her exact red-carpet dress, which retails for $499. "For us, it's really important that everything we do reflects the essence of the brand," says San Martin.

It was also about bringing the Mango shopper in on the experience: "It's super important that our clients are able to relate to what we do," says San Martin.

A mango, as in the fruit. "We're exaggerating the qualities of the mango, with the dégradé of the colors and the trapeze shape with different layers," she adds. "The handbag that she's wearing is in the shape of a mango.

She helped us develop the concept for the dress, on top of having Sofía's input," says Ainhoa San Martin, Mango's PR director.

For the brand, this project went beyond "making a fantastic dress for her to wear that would also be aligned with what we do," says San Martin.

The Spanish high-street brand beloved by Priyanka Chopra, Taylor Swift, and Gigi Hadid chose Sofía Sanchez de Betak, a longtime Mango ambassador, to make its big debut at the event. The best part?

The whole process took about two months—from the initial meetings to the fittings at Mango's headquarters in Barcelona to the big day. "We've been working with [stylist] Mimi Cuttrell.

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