Everything You Need to Know About Taraji P. Henson's New Hair-Care Line

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Another product from the line I’ve been using religiously is the Guardian curl refresher ($10) with "city shield," which protects your hair from the ravages of pollution.

I can't say I'm surprised — she's been one of my personal celebrity hair icons, so I was thrilled to learn she was translating that into an actual collection, especially since I’m always looking for the next miracle product to add to my routine.

Then, I finished with African Pride’s Flaxseed Oil and Shea Butter Curl Defining Gel n’Creme as a twist-out product, as I prefer creamier styling products on my hair, as opposed to a gel.

When I use a scalp scrub, I part my hair and then apply a bit of product to each section to ensure I exfoliate my entire scalp.

Often, I’ll pour my shampoo into a bottle with a nozzle to make it easier, and I partition my hair into about eight sections to really make sure I’m getting my scalp clean.

My hair was pretty tangled by the time I got around to using this stuff, and I noticed I didn’t need to glob on a ton of product in order to get the slip I needed to detangle my hair.

And while her talent and onscreen magnetism have gained her 32 awards and a mess of nominations, the latest chapter in Henson’s career is taking her back to her first love. "I always loved and understood hair," she tells Allure. "Growing up, we took [it] very seriously.

I'm hoping in the future TPH adds a shampoo and conditioner specifically for kinky and curly hair types.

I didn’t even know I had a natural 2C/3A texture until recently, and finding curl-friendly products that aren’t too light or heavy for my fine hair has been a task, y’all.

We tested the line on five different hair types — here's how it all turned out. If Taraji P.

I didn't ever want that mildew smell again. " Her Master Cleanse, the hero product, is inspired by a homemade concoction Henson made just to refresh her scalp when she wears weaves.

TPH by Taraji is the fruit of Henson’s decades-long passion for hair, grown from her own experiences styling and nurtured by the kind of trial-and-error we all go through when learning how to take care of our own hair.

The shampoo didn’t make my hair dry or tangled and the conditioner did what needed to be done: detangled and softened my hair.

However, all this does is pose an opportunity for the brand to come up with a deep conditioner for tightly-coiled hair types, which I would buy in a heartbeat.

As for its actual use, again, it was made for all hair types, so it worked nicely, but I typically prefer something that provides even more conditioning.

As Henson tells Allure, scalp care lies at the heart of TPH, due to her own experiences wearing weaves over the years. "The first time I went to get the weave taken out, it smelled like mildew. I was so embarrassed.

The conditioner has a similar kick of honey and citrus scent, and I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but my hair cannot quit it.

I was washing my hair, but wasn't doing drying the weft," she explains. "When you have a weave or an install, your hair is braided down and then sometimes they sew a hair net down on top of that and then they sew the hair tracks on top of that.

Post-shower, I applied the leave-in conditioner to my hair, which gave it another well-received punch of moisture.

And it was clear Taraji was thorough when she created this collection — it’s rare for a line to debut with products like a scalp scrub and tension soothers from the onset.

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