LFW Men's: Euphoria Makeup, But Make It Dark and Sinister

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Last year, a groundbreaking HBO series about teenage apathy and addiction set off a massive trend: Euphoria-inspired makeup made neon sparkling waves through the world’s beauty communities, runways very much included.

Charles Jeffrey's Fall collection found its roots in a pagan ceremony that's occurred, consistently, for over 200 years on the Orkney Islands (which lie to the northeast of Scotland).

Up-and-comer Bianca Saunders, who is making a name for herself by developing her namesake line with sustainable practices, added a phantasmagorical spin for her models' hair.

Here, an opaque contact lens could connote either an unintended obstruction of vision (due to our current ongoing state of confusion) or an intentional blindness, with the media cycle having become too much to bear.

There’s something of a shadow-Euphoria beauty aftertaste afoot on London Fashion Week: Men’s catwalks, which include all genders despite the event’s title.

Case in point: The world is collectively an anxious planet right now, but with Brexit looming on January 31, the United Kingdom’s fashion and HMU talents may be projecting something that is… well, anti-euphoric, but no less precisely administered.

This makeup mirrors Euphoria's airbrushes of unexpected color, but here, the impression becomes more sinister: as someone, up for days, unable to sleep yet also unable to tear themselves away from the onslaught of bad news.

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London Fashion Week Men's shows dark twists on Euphoria*-esque makeup.

Almost cartoon-like, curls and swirls of flattened hair appeared on a handful of her cast — who, keeping any existential dread at bay, danced the morning away at Saunders's presentation.

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