Why Busy Philipps Will Play an Astronaut in a Super Bowl Ad

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Ahead of the commercial's television debut, Olay will be donating one dollar to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit organization that aims to support and increase the number of women in computer science, every time the #MakeSpaceForWomen hashtag is used starting Tuesday, January 14, through the end of the big game. "Part of the reason why I love working for Olay is that they really put an emphasis on representation and making sure that people are seen and met with strength and value," Philipps says.

Philipps tells Allure that the message that men are the only valuable fans or participants extends far beyond the world of sports. "The message was clearly given to me was that as a woman in the entertainment industry, I was expendable," she says. "[It felt] insurmountable, as if there was no way to make a change. That’s not true.

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