How Pony Is About to Make Pastel Makeup a Major Trend in Korea

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For that reason, Pony is excited to introduce this palette to the Korean market. "When it's springtime in Korea, almost everyone loves to wear pastel colors, clothing-wise.

Pony believes its shade selection is versatile enough for adding pigment to other parts of your face. "I don't really see it just as an eye palette," she notes. "You can use it as a blush or even on top of your lipstick, and, of course, for a festival look, you can apply it everywhere to reach whatever look that you want to achieve.

Just as its name suggests, it's an $18 pack of three lipsticks in pastel variations of lilac, peach, and rose with a matte finish. "They're very warm, cute colors, like a little fuzzy knit [sweater]," Pony explains.

It's really, really rare to find people wearing pastel makeup," she explains. "I want to present this palette to the Koreans who have been very conservative with their makeup but have been wearing a lot of pastel in fashion.

The star of the Icy Fantasy collection is the 35I Icy Fantasy Artistry Palette, which features 35 shades of eye shadow in a pastel rainbow range with matte, metallic, iridescent, and glitter finishes. (All for $25. ) Her favorite?

Because the trend in Korea is to wear your makeup with a light, transparent-like effect, Pony says the palette is all about how you blend the pigments on your skin.

According to Morphe, Pony's Bitti platform will be its exclusive distribution platform in South Korea. "I'm super excited to be representing Korea as a nation," she tells me over the phone.

The most versatile shades in the whole palette, if you ask Pony, are Sky High (matte bubblegum pink), Coral Cloud (matte coral), Rosy Haze (rose pink topper), and So Surreal (iridescent icy pink).

I'm convinced Pony doesn't sleep — or she's one of those highly efficient people who starts their day at 5 a. m. It's 9 a. m. in Seoul, South Korea, and she's already had a full schedule.

Park Hye Min), the face of the brand's new Icy Fantasy collection, caught up with Allure to share how she likes to use the palette and lipstick.

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