7 Aestheticians Name Their Top Products for Tighter Pores

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"Smoothing the look of pores starts with relaxing them, in a sense, in order to release and emulsify buildup of debris (dead skin cells, makeup residue, sebaceous congestion, dried sweat, etc. ) that can cause uneven texture.

This is my go-to retinoic acid for minimizing the appearance of pores and promoting skin health".

"Environ’s Revival Masque is like a ‘facelift in a bottle. ‘ With a unique combination of three acids, this product is amazing for lifting, firming and reducing the appearance of large pores.

"This multitasking serum was developed for shrinking the appearance of pores while purifying skin.

The acids work together to help resurface and minimize pore size and skin tone.

The lifting effect from the pores regaining vitality is something that anyone can benefit from with smoother skin overall".

"Most clay masks—my favorite of the bunch is this one, made with Amazonian clay—help draw excess oil, impurities and sebum out of the pores, which makes them look tighter and smaller".

Because pore-opening effects the many levels in our skin, it is important that the product reaches all levels to stimulate elastin and tighten skin without drying the pore structure.

"The salicylic acid in this toner helps exfoliate skin and plump and firm fine lines.

"This is one of my favorite products that I love to recommend to clients who struggle with large pores.

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