Linda Evangelista's Melasma Taught Her About Self-Confidence

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Particularly in the winter, when the sun is at its weakest and likely to do the least amount of damage, women desperately turn to dermatologists, beauty counters and the Internet to search for the most effective skin treatments.

You’ve spoken out about how transformative Erasa XEP30 has been on your skin; so much so that you’re now a part of the company as the vice president and creative director.

Since I started using Erasa, I have not had any Fraxel treatments and my beauty marks have started to return, they are in the exact same places as they were.

Erasa XEP30 has tons of anti-inflammatory properties, which not only have I come to learn to appreciate, but our chemist and founder of this product, Jules Zecchino, firmly believes benefit the skin.

She reveals to W in a wide-ranging Q&A her issues with melasma and the one product that has been her saving grace in dealing with this skin issue.

Another thing I’ve been using, which I think can really help better skin is BeautyStat’s Vitamin C skin refiner.

But for the millions of women who have melasma, the skin condition often triggered by hormones, genetic predispositions or sun exposure, this agita is a relatable concern with few easy answers.

Appeasing our inner fangirls, Evangelista—a proudly self-proclaimed beauty product junkie—imparts her experienced skin wisdom to better ours.

I will mention that since using Erasa, (I gifted them), my one girlfriend’s rosacea is all gone and my girlfriend with heavy discolored acne scars has an even tone now.

I personally think all of these peels and acids meant to treat melasma and discoloration end up irritating the skin, making the skin angrier.

Because I am a beauty junkie and because Erasa XEP-30 is so multitasking, there isn’t really a need for a lot of other products.

He has taught me this and using the product proves it; that if your skin is calm and happy, it has the ability to repair and heal itself.

The time of year especially, many women investigate different treatments for melasma.

The first one is a 97% grade of Glabridin, a very expensive molecule derived from licorice root to help brighten skin.

You can’t always effectively cover it up and it’s the first thing someone looks at when you’re in a direct conversation, right?

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