Taraji P. Henson’s Biggest Hair Secret Is Under $20

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Other hits from her brand—which she jokingly told a room of beauty editors to think of as “the Fenty of hair care”—include a curl refresh (The Guardian) that brings spirals instantly to life, a scalp scrub (Never Salty) made with apple cider vinegar, and curl gel naturally called Tough Cookie.

It wasn’t until she was on a vacation with friends that she actually had the idea to put a hair-care line in motion. “A girlfriend and her daughter who had protective hairstyles in their hair were complaining about their scalps,” says Henson. “I said, ‘Well, just use this. I make it at home. ’ I went back to my room, and they came out, saying, ‘Oh, my God! This is amazing! ’ And that’s when I thought, People need this.

So it shouldn’t be altogether surprising that Henson is releasing her first line of beauty products—a hair-care brand called TPH by Taraji that hits Target this month.

It’s something she’s wanted to do for 10 years, she says, and was born out of her need for a scalp treatment she couldn’t find anywhere. “I concocted it because I needed it for myself,” she tells Glamour. “I never made it to get rich.

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