This Fight Scene from "Birds of Prey" Is Going Viral for a Relatable Hair Tie Moment

Curated via Twitter from Allure’s twitter account….

A Twitter user by the name of Keiley Kaiser posted about the all-too-familiar moment with a clip from the scene and the caption, "You can tell a movie was directed and written by a woman when in the middle of an action scene someone hands a hair band to their teammate.

I remember in Captain Marvel when Maria Rambeau appears in the flashback and the clothes she was wearing felt like a comfortable choice of clothes," writes one user. "Because a female fighter pointedly putting her hair up should have the same cinematic caché as a scientist pointedly taking his glasses off," adds another.

While some people didn't see the big deal, others chimed in with comments about similar situations or details in movies that were directed and/or written by women. "Those little things that women put in movies are so perfect.

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