I FaceTimed With Devon Lee Carlson to Learn More About Her Beauty Routine

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Many of them — like the N on her ankle and the 25 on her wrist — match ones her best friends, Nicole and Lauren, or boyfriend, musician Jesse Rutherford from The Neighbourhood, has. "I've been getting them since I was like 18, probably like one a year," Carlson says. "But this past year, I was like, I don't think I'm going to get any more tattoos because I started regretting the first tattoo I ever got. " She points out the word serendipity etched in her mom's handwriting that she spontaneously got while on vacation in Boston. "It's for the memories, but I got it trying to be so serious and meaningful, and it's just silly to me now," Carlson reveals. "I look at it, and I'm like, you should've just gotten something stupid because I feel like all my tattoos are kind of silly.

If she's feeling dehydrated, Carlson just douses her skin with pure rose water, which is the most L. A. thing I've ever heard. "I find the joy in doing everyone else's [makeup] and making sure everyone else feels really, really good.

Allure even did a fun photoshoot with her, and she got to try out hair and makeup moments she doesn't on a daily basis. "On a normal day, I'll just put on sunscreen and go," Carlson admits. "But I always love to do a tinted lip or some blush and always a brow gel.

On a regular basis, she gets facials, too. "I still feel like I'm learning stuff every day," Carlson says. "It's like a continuous journey because your skin never stays the same.

Every year, Carlson would find herself telling her mom something along the lines of: "I find the joy in doing everyone else's and making sure everyone else feels really, really good because I feel like I'm the least of my own worries.

With that in mind, "I do think maybe I would have a career in [hair and makeup] if this didn't start," Carlson reflects. "But I also, I feel like where I'm at now I do kind of get to still do that and incorporate that part of my life into things. © 2020 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

She'd sweep it all over her lids and top it with gold winged liner. "I literally did it because I used to work at a go-carting place, and I did it one day and got so many compliments from customers being like, 'You have the most beautiful blue eyes,'" Carlson recalls. "No one had ever noticed that I had blue eyes.

I was doing hair and makeup for our entire team," Carlson recalls. "They would all come with wet hair, and I would French braid everyone's hair into a bun.

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