Farm-to-Tush Toilet Paper Is Here

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Those big fat F’s created a wide opening for hungry entrepreneurs looking to wage war on Big Toilet Paper. “When I found out 15% of global deforestation was caused by toilet paper—an item I had used my whole life without question—I knew I had to do my part,” says Lisa Frame, cofounder of Bippy, whose tagline is “a modern personal care line exclusively for the butt that’s on a mission to preserve forests from the bottom up. “Something as simple as switching your toilet paper can have an incredible impact on the globe,” Frame says. “Big Toilet Paper cuts down around 27,000 trees a day to make their standard product.

With marketing that looks similar to Bippy (which, honestly, looks similar to all of the other butt-centric companies), Bawdy Beauty sells the modern-day butt-curious woman or man “a touching and feeling experience, especially in current times where we touch electronics more than our own body. The world of quirky T. P. takes skin seriously as well. No. 2 says its wackily wrapped bathroom paper is better for the butt, delivering 95% less “butt crumble. ” (I didn’t know what butt crumble was until I saw a video of the brand demonstrating it by using a guy’s beard, and now I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to not think about it when I see a dude with facial hair. ) The T. P. companies and butt-cheek skin-care companies are united in wanting to leave your behind in better shape than their competitors do.

It takes decades, and a reliance upon pesticides and thousands of gallons of water, to grow a tree before it gets milled into shreds, just to wipe a dirty butt. ” Frame says that Bippy uses a sustainable grass that is able to grow rapidly on its own, “requires zero pesticides and it’s regenerative, meaning it grows back after it’s harvested with the same root, unlike trees that need to be derooted and replanted. Okay!

Surely this particular focus on our posteriors can’t be entirely earth-inspired. Claire Chang, M. D. , of Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York City, says we can thank the rise of the “belfie” (that’s “butt selfie,” for the uninitiated) and the Kardashian-Jenner clan for the rise in butt-care products, and not necessarily our disdain for polluting our planet. “There has been a growing interest in body treatments over the past few years,” Chang says. “This can be seen even within just the sheet-mask industry, which started off with just face masks but now includes the neck, décolletage, lips, hands, feet, and yes, the buttocks as well.

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