Your Horoscope for the Week of February 24

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This week continues to be a dream time for you in which nothing quite makes sense or reaches clear form.

This week you’ll need to either give separate time to both or integrate your ability to be a powerful woman and be okay with that.

If you’ve been considering embarking on an artistic learning curve, or one that trains your inner voice, this will be the week you will have that inner knowing, feel where that inner tug is taking you.

You’re feeling extra soft-hearted, so make sure you take time to consider any additional demands on you before accepting.

In any case, more information will come to light over the next couple of weeks, so don’t make any hard-and-fast decisions in your partnerships.

Mercury‘s retrograde continues to spill drinks and cross wires, so don't take anything at face value this week.

Wind up the things you’ve had on the boil, but don’t press send for another couple of weeks.

Expect an epiphany in your love and creativity zone this week as the curtains part and the light of your creative muse shines.

Mercury retrograde continues to spill the drinks and cross wires, so don’t take anything at face value.

A chance meeting locally will add light to ideas you’ve been mulling around, so stay open but make no big decisions yet.

Once Mercury moves direct in a couple of weeks, the fog will lift, and you’ll know how to move forward, whether its social connections or your social contribution.

A deep need to check out and recharge is in conflict with your social side—either take time out for both or integrate a mindful approach to your everyday.

It’s not time to move on it; keep the channel open and use this time to develop it.

Dreams may resurface about how and where you want to head vocationally, or you may dream of a looser work environment, such as location independence so you can work somewhere your income stretches a lot further.

Steer clear of toxins, because you’re extra permeable over this time.

If you’re feeling pressured by a power struggle, it could mean you need to step into your own and face it.

Your outlook may not be as sharp as usual, so don’t judge a book by its cover this week.

Whether you’re still dreaming of deck chairs on exotic palm-fringed shores or collating your Facebook memories of a trip into a visual masterpiece, indulge in visions of faraway places.

You won’t want to rock the boat at work, but something or someone is forcing you to push past your usual pleasantries to lay a few things on the line Scorpio style.

It’s an interesting experiment to repeat a set intention on your way to work, feel it, and then note that responses often mirror it.

Note any hunches or chance meetings early in the week in your work zone.

This month everyone is feeling nostalgic and sentimental—be gentle with yourself and others, and don’t slip into an emotional undertow unless you want to.

It’s okay to be commanding in your everyday life and let your softer side out at home—we all have different archetypes within that need expression in various areas of life.

The Mercury retrograde will have you mulling over old territory, so instead of dialing an ex, take this time to process your experience creatively.

Your lens of perception is shifting as Mercury backtracks through your sign, illuminating dreams you’ve been harboring.

Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of February 24 through March 1, 2020, and double down by getting to know your rising sign.

However, if you find yourself tripping down memory lane re: your ex that you parted from for a good reason, it’s okay to let things dissolve; it doesn’t have to involve round two.

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