10 Eyelash Curlers That’ll Make Your Lashes Look Like Extensions

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I’ve always heard that the secret to long lashes and wider-looking eyes (two things I desperately crave) was a good lash curler, but my lashes are so short that curling them has made them look shorter, so I’ve historically avoided them at all costs.

Considering I do my morning routine in the back of an Uber about 75 percent of the time, I need an eyelash curler I can trust. (There's no horror greater than thinking you're going to rip out your lashes in stop-and-go Manhattan traffic. ) That's where this comes in.

Despite their ability to make your eyes appear more open, give your lashes a lift, and amplify the mascara you thought couldn't get any better, eyelash curlers tend to be the unsung heroes of beauty shelves.

Lancôme's lash curler is durable, flexible, and gentle on your lashes so it leaves behind only a beautiful swoop of lashes—never a crease.

This curler looks crazy, but I swear it's the secret to making stubby lower lashes and lashes near the corners of my eyes look incredible.

Whether you're here for the less-is-more beauty vibe or wish you could have eyelash extensions in every day, you won't regret incorporating a good eyelash curler into your routine.

I have extremely stubborn lashes that simply can't be tamed (hi, Miley Cyrus) except by a heated lash curler.

This eyelash curler checks all the boxes: It doesn't pinch, it gives good curl, and it's cute as hell.

Where most lash curlers leave me underwhelmed and out of $20 dollars, the Tweezerman Every Lash Curler was designed to curl every single hard-to-grab lash.

Well, it's time to give the underhyped beauty tool the praise it deserves, because aside from taking a dramatic smoky eye to new heights, the best eyelash curlers will be the cherry on top of your no-makeup makeup look.

A lash curler isn’t a must-have tool for me, considering it’s one more thing to carry around in my makeup bag.

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