An Illustrated Guide to Why Raf Simons x Prada Makes Sense

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Etched into chiffon, the end result bears an unexpected similarity to a number of couture looks from Christian Dior fall 2013, when Simons was delighting in his success at making fabric out of Sterling Ruby’s paintings. (Note the shirtless sweater vest—more on those later.

For Calvin Klein spring 2018, Simons crafted his very own American horror story, complete with blood-red spatters and shredded bits of denim and American flags. (The latter were courtesy of Sterling Ruby. ) It was par for the course for Simons, but not so much for Miuccia, who mounted her own politically themed, post-Trump show in Milan just two weeks later.

There might be just two people who could convince you to wear a bathing cap on land: Simons, who managed to make it work in couture, and Miuccia, who’s mastered them at both Prada and Miu Miu.

And they both talk so passionately about art that one might wonder what they’re doing in fashion. “Maybe fashion should operate more like a museum, where you have a museum curator,” Simons said to Miuccia in a 2016 interview that foreshadowed their collaboration.

On Sunday morning, Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada announced that Raf would be joining Miuccia as co-creative director of Prada, effectively sending fashion’s head spinning.

It’s both ironic and telling that neither designer planned to get into fashion in the first place; Simons was an industrial designer, and Miuccia used to be both secretary of the Italian Communist Party and a mime.

The designer toned down his love of graphic design while at the house, to around the level where Miuccia stands. (Suffice it to say she has not emblazoned her designs with words like “DRUGS” like Simons has.

Prada menswear fall 2020 and Raf Simons spring 2016.

Plenty of designers took a page out of his shirtless sweater vest book for men’s fall 2020, though only one did so at the same time as hammering down the details of her own Simons partnership.

Prada spring 2008 and Christian Dior couture fall 2013.

Three years after he launched his namesake menswear brand, Simons used his fall 1998 collection to pay homage to Kraftwerk, one of his many beloved musical influences.

Thankfully, we won’t be missing out on their distinctive styles completely; Simons will continue to adore youth culture at his eponymous label, and Miuccia will continue to get whimsical at Miu Miu.

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