It’s Not a Look Book, It’s a Zine

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In a series of photographs by Yelena Yemchuk (Hanna Tveite also contributed more traditional look book imagery), Doss and von Brunkau hold expressive dancer’s poses while riding dirt bikes, lounging in a camper van and splayed out in a shaded garden belonging to a friend of Comey’s in upstate New York, a choice that Findlay-Levin says was meant to highlight the “American-ness” of Comey’s clothes in particular. “They’re really strong and feisty women who happen to be older,” Findlay-Levin says, of the pair. “They both have the attitude of a New York survivor.

Findlay-Levin says this idea of translation was central to their concept: “We’re translating something from New York to Paris. “We loved what Zadie had written,” Findlay-Levin says of Smith’s essay “Under the Banner of New York,” which was previously published in the New York Review of Books. “She captured the essence of New Yorkers and how they go about their days.

Comey approached Haidee Findlay-Levin, an editor and stylist with whom she had worked on some of her earlier shows, to guide the process. “We focused on this idea of introducing Rachel’s clothes to a new French audience,” Findlay-Levin said, speaking on the phone from the set of another Rachel Comey project. “It’s such an intrinsically New York brand.

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