Kate Middleton Did a Photo Shoot for a 10-Year-Old, and It’s Just Adorable

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A photographer in the making, if you ask me. “The Duchess joined children and their families who were taking part in a ‘Playful Portraits’ workshop, and helped them to make sets and characters for their own pop-up theatres! ???????? The Duchess also visited Evelina’s Beach Ward to meet children who were taking part in the workshop at their bedsides,” Kensington Royal posted about the event on Instagram.

While she was there, Luke Wheeler-Waddison, a 10-year-old heart patient, got the very special honor of photographing the duchess with one of the “rag wreaths” she was given as a gift. (People reports that the wreath will be headed to Princess Charlotte’s bedroom.

The palace recently released two beautiful portraits of Holocaust survivors with their grandchildren taken by the Duchess of Cambridge for a special exhibit commemorating 75 years since the end of the Holocaust.

The royal popped by the National Portrait Gallery’s Hospital Programme at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, which showcased how the arts help children’s health, overall well-being, and happiness—a cause quite close to her heart. (Middleton is a patron of both organizations.

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