‘Love Is Blind’ Didn’t Show Us Every Couple Who Got Engaged

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One of the things I love about the show is, ultimately, when they go on their romantic getaway, they do get to see what the other ones look like and Jessica gets to see Barnett in the flesh for the first time and you get to see whether that matters and if maybe she made the wrong choice.

In the early days of the show, the cast basically goes through rounds of speed dating where they sit in "pods" and get to know each other to find out whether they're possible soulmates, but they have no idea what the other person looks like.

Love Is Blind, Netflix's latest foray into the world of reality programming, is the show that everyone's talking about on your social media feeds—and with good reason.

There’s the guy, Rory, who features in a couple of scenes," series creator Chris Coelen told Entertainment Weekly. "He actually got engaged to a woman who you only see for a brief moment early on named Danielle.

The entire show is quite a wild ride, but it must also be crazy to go through the process and have your love story edited out for time.

We get to see many of the Love Is Blind contestants get engaged within days of meeting each other—and at that point they are finally allowed to see each other and then jet off to a vacation in Mexico.

If you haven't yet watched, here's the deal: 15 men and 15 women agreed to take part in a social experiment wherein they try to find a spouse without first seeing that person.

Interestingly, though, viewers didn't get to see all of the eight couples who got engaged. "We only have so much time to tell a story, but there are lots of interesting stories.

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