MAC Announces Second Selena Makeup Collection

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The range was only restocked once before it vanished from our lives — but like Selena, never from our hearts — forever. Until now. "The night of our [2016] launch, I said to the MAC team, 'Hey, we're going to work together again,'" Suzette Quintanilla, the singer's sister, tells me. "I can guarantee you they looked at me like I was a crazy person, because the line wasn't going to be in stores until the following day.

For Quintanilla and her family, the collection is a chance to connect with the younger generation that sadly never got to experience Selena in person. "We're in a whole new generation, and they've embraced her and they talk about her not just as an artist, but as a role model and what she represents to who we are as Latinos.

Selena was especially known for her signature red lipstick, but Quintanilla tells me that the singer rarely wore such bold makeup day-to-day. "Whenever she was offstage, she had her hair pulled into a low bun and very light on the lip, just being Selena as a person.

The red lipstick was definitely performance mode. "I've held this in for two years so I have a lot to say," says Quintanilla. "This collection is a celebration of her legacy, it's for her fans. " Quintanilla has a few weeks longer to wait — for now, the brand is keeping mum on the products themselves.

She was an amazing artist, a great role model, a sweet person, and a real person," says Quintanilla. "People, especially Latinos, can look at her and think 'she's me.

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