I Didn’t Have a Boyfriend to Surprise Me With a Last-Minute Trip—So I Hired a Service to Do It Instead

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The envelope also contained a folder of cheerful and well-organized information, providing me not only with fun facts about Austin—did you know the Texas State Capitol building in Austin is the largest state capitol building in America? —but also suggested stores and restaurants to visit and intel on the activities the good people at Pack Up + Go had booked for me. (After booking your flight and hotel, Pack Up + Go will spend whatever cash is left in your budget on add-ons.

One week before the trip, I got an email laced with clues like it was the first act of an Agatha Christie novel: the time I needed to show up at the airport, a weather forecast for the weekend, suggestions for what to pack, and a few tantalizing hints. (I was quite pleased to see “This city has some seriously good food! ” among them. ) Around the same time, a white envelope arrived, and within it the details of where I was headed on vacation.

Once the travel planner has a destination in mind, that person works out logistics—finding a flight or train ride from the traveler’s home base, booking a hotel, and making sure the trip comes in within budget. (On the website, users can select how much they’re willing to pay for a weekend.

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