Nordic White Hair Is the Lightest Shade of Platinum We’ve Ever Seen

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If you, too, want to go stark white, colorist Nikki Ferrera says you need to consider your natural hair color and skin tone first. "This color would work best on someone who has fair or golden skin and a hair color that ranges anywhere from light brown to the lightest blonde," she says. "The way, you would go about getting this is by lifting the natural hair color to as light as it would possibly go," she adds.

Allure tapped Tetreault to find out more about his process when it comes to colors like this. "Creating platinum-white hair takes patience and consistency — these results are done in five- to eight-hour sessions, depending on the client's starting point and the condition of their hair," he says. "When I teach classes I always preach: Go low and slow.

To ensure his client's hair remained healthy throughout the coloring process, he relied on Schwarzkopf's BlondMe range, which helps minimize breakage, as well as b3 Brazilian's Bond Builder, a professional system that's clinically proven to reattach the bonds that are broken during most color services.

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