Prince Harry Would Like To Be Now Known as Just "Harry"

Curated via Twitter from W Magazine’s twitter account….

The soon-to-be former royal traveled to Scotland for a sustainability conference that he organized for Travelyst, a sustainable tourism partnership program he launched with Visa, TripAdvisor, and some other travel companies last year, right around the time he and his wife caught some flak for flying in a private jet. (Don’t worry, he took the train from London to Edinburgh. ) There, he implored the audience to refer to him informally, answering the question of what to call him once he’s no longer a royal, which surely has been on everyone’s mind.

Before Prince Harry officially steps down as a senior royal on March 31, he has arrived in the United Kingdom for a series of farewell public engagements.

Per their agreement and negotiations with the Queen, they will remove the word "Royal" from everything pertaining to their brand, including their Instagram handle, @SussexRoyal, and their forthcoming nonprofit charity organization, which had been registered under the name SussexRoyal.

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