"Cream Skin" Is the New K-Beauty Trend Simplifying the "Glass Skin" Routine

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That’s what sparked the idea to combine the two "most important and fundamental hydration steps" as Choo put it — the toner and the moisturizer — and the Laneige Cream Skin Refiner ($33) was born.

"This product truly delivers the hydration of a toner and the moisture of a cream in a very light, refreshing texture that can be easily fit into anyone’s routine, regardless of skin type".

Armed with a variety of serums, essences, oils, and moisturizers, we layered 10-plus steps to create glazed, glowy, smooth-as-glass complexions — or as makeup artist Nam Vo likes to call it "dewy dumpling" skin.

If you’re sold on the cream skin trend, stock your vanity with products that provide long-lasting moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

"As a result, skin retains hydration longer and more effectively, while the cream helps lock in moisture," Choo said.

The new skincare trend is all about paring down your beauty routine (can we get a hallelujah? ) in an effort to achieve hydrated, milky skin with ease.

Ever since the Korean beauty trend "glass skin" hit stateside, we’ve been chasing luminous, so-bright-you-can-practically-see-your-reflection-in-it skin.

But like all trends, they come and go, and glass skin may be giving way to a new skincare moment: "cream skin".

Like glass skin, cream skin comes from Korea, but that’s about where the similarities end.

Glass skin or cream skin, we think either is skin-goals worthy.

"It became evident that there was a growing trend among consumers who were looking to simplify their skincare routines without losing the benefits of the famous 10 steps," said Mark Choo, research director at Amorepacific.

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