This Stylist-Recommended Product Uses Hyaluronic Acid to Boost Thinning Hair

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If you are looking for a body-building hairspray that doesn’t leave your locks feeling super stiff, hairstylist Gina Rivera recommends nabbing this versatile mist for yourself, as she says it volumizes your roots and provides movement, leaving the hair looking much fuller as a result. “This is my favorite volumizing product of all time, as it’s been formulated to be extra flexible,” Rivera tells NewBeauty. “This means that your hair has movement and hold, without looking hard or stiff.

Yes, this Oribe hair mist may be on the pricey side, but Tina Malholtra, stylist at Mia Wagner Salon, says it’s definitely a great investment product to keep in mind, especially since it uses new age polymers and marine glycogen to create effortless-looking volume. “I love spritzing this product generously on roots before blow drying,” Malhotra tells NewBeauty. “The ingredients help to swell the hair shaft, giving limp hair lots of body as a result.

If you prefer a texturizing spray over a powder, Jennifer Watson, hairstylist and education director for Zenagen, recommends opting for this powder-based product, as she says it can be a great volumizing dry shampoo alternative for those on-the-go. “This silky powder is a great dry shampoo alternative when I travel, as it keeps my crown area (which goes flat often) nice and full,” Watson tells NewBeauty. “The texture is amazingly smooth, and also helps when I want to wear textured or curly looks".

Additionally, using mousse regularly, he adds, can make a blowout last longer, making it probably a good idea to jot this product down. “One of my favorite products to use for volumizing fine hair is a mousse, as it can really make a blowout last much longer,” Russell tells NewBeauty. “This mousse, in particular, is ideal for people with thinner hair, as it bulks it up in minutes.

And since this spray is formulated with anti-statics and luxurious silk proteins, you can expect those good hair days to last a lot longer each time you use it, she explains. “To use this product correctly, simply shake the bottle, lift up your hair in sections, and spray the roots in short bursts,” Bianco tells NewBeauty. “You can do this anytime on dry hair in order to add instant volume.

Fitzsimons also recommends using this texturizing mist whenever you want to create stunning textured looks (or sexy blowouts! ) as he explains that it provides lift and adequate heat protection, without drowning the hair in unnecessary buildup. “Whenever I’m creating a piecey texture look that I want to amp up a bit, this is my go-to spray,” he explains. “I love using this after I’ve fully styled the hair to provide some light hold, and some voluminous oomph.

However, this isn’t your grandma’s mousse by any means, as she adds that it gives hair a clean and voluminous finish, without making it unbearably sticky or crunchy. “This mousse is my go-to product when bridal styling, as it gives the hair a clean and voluminous finish,” Pelinku tells NewBeauty. “Your hair will have product memory whenever you use it, so if you mist your hair to refresh your blow dry, it will simply reactivate the product.

Plus, she adds that it also provides amazing hold, keeping strands looking voluminous for hours, and those annoying flyaways under control. “This finishing spray provides great hold, big volume, shine, and humidity-resistant protection,” Amber Marie tells NewBeauty. “It is fantastic for romantic effortless styles, but you can also use it lock in sleek finishes too.

If you want a shampoo and conditioner that provides an adequate amount of volume, Amber Marie advises stocking up on this duo, as she says its unique rice and silk protein formula encourages fuller-looking locks with each wash. “I love using shampoo and conditioning duo to achieve maximum volume,” she explains. “This helps to set ground work by encouraging volume and fullness from the start.

Those born with curly hair will want to stick with a cream-based styling lotion when it comes to achieving sky-high volume, as hairstylist and Miss Jessie’s CEO Miko Branch, says it’s key to create fluffy and lightweight curls that are full of moisture.

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