What Happens in the ‘Bachelor’ Finale? The Women From Peter’s Season Have Theories

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The Bachelor’s fantasy suite episode is supposed to give viewers more clarity about who will be the front-runner in the finale, but this season? Not so much. “It’s insane,” Kelsey Weier, the fourth runner-up for Peter Weber’s final rose, tells Glamour. “It’s insane that nobody knows what happens.

At the “Women Tell All” taping, which airs Monday, March 2, Chris Harrison said that Peter season’s “ending is one that no one will see coming” and “if you think you know how the story ends, you don’t. ” So with that said, we asked several of Peter's now eliminated contestants for their best theories.

To recap, Madison Prewett told Peter before the fantasy suite dates began that she wasn’t sure whether she could continue on the show if he was intimate with Hannah Ann Sluss or Victoria Fuller.

One thing we know for sure: The “After the Final Rose” episode can't come fast enough. “There are so many different ways this could end, and so many of them are possible, but my best guess is Maddie left and then she came back and Peter is like, What the heck is going on?

Maybe Madison left and they’re like, ‘Bring her back! ’ It frustrates me because I want more! “I definitely think he’s with one of the final two, but I don’t know in what capacity.

I feel like Peter has a different relationship with Victoria F. , and it’s very different from the one he has with Maddie and Hannah Ann.

I don’t think a rose ceremony happens on the finale, because of Peter’s reaction to whatever Chris Harrison has to say.

It obviously doesn’t end in a typical, ‘Will you accept this final rose? Will you marry me? ’ way, but I think he’s with Maddie or Hannah Ann.

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