All the Easter Eggs in Taylor Swift's New Music Video for ‘The Man’

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She co-directed the video for "Lover" and went solo for her holiday release, "Christmas Tree Farm. " It's a pretty straightforward interpretation of the song, showing Taylor as Tyler being an angry boss but still receiving praise, manspreading, and smoking a cigar on the subway as if he owns the place.

In one scene, Tyler is seen peeing against a wall in the 13th (! ) Street subway station; on the wall are the names of her old albums written in graffiti with a sign that says they're "missing" and should be returned to Taylor Swift if found.

Taylor Swift dropped the music video for her song "The Man" off of Lover bright and early Thursday morning (February 27), after teasing it with a clip that showed what appeared to be a man looking out an office window.

Tropez," Tyler appears on a boat surrounded by women in a scene that looks very much like it could have been pulled from his film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

I also loved the scene where Tyler is playing tennis—for a "women's charity"—and is given all kinds of leeway by the umpire when he starts throwing tantrums.

She says in the next take he should try to be "sexier and more likable," a common refrain to women in the industry, which Swift discussed at length in Miss Americana.

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