‘House Hunters’ Just Featured Its First-Ever Throuple, and Fans Are Living for It

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In a bid to prove that equal status, Lori and Brian gave Geli the deciding vote when they were torn among the three house choices.

Features like a three-car garage, a large master bedroom, and plenty of bathroom sink space were vital for the family, which includes Brian and Lori’s two children. “This is a couple’s kitchen, not a throuple’s kitchen,” Lori notably said of one home.

The three shared a commitment ceremony in Aruba just a few months before filming their House Hunters episode. “This has nothing to do with church and state,” Brian said.

The premise is very similar to Property Brothers: The Gaineses work with home buyers to find the worst house on the best block, and then through the power of renovation and design, they transform it into their clients' dream home.

Educational,” feminist icon Roxane Gay tweeted in a thread. “We feature all homebuyers and living choices,” HGTV said in a statement to USA Today. We truly love to see it.

Everyone, meet Brian, Lori, and Geli, the first throuple ever featured on HGTV’s House Hunters.

HGTV has certainly given us plenty of obsessions in recent years—between the Property Brothers and Fixer Upper, our DVRs are full and our home renovation ambitions are high.

Lori and Brian were a married couple when they met Geli (short for Angelica) at a bar. “I didn’t plan on falling for a married couple.

The one-and-only host of the series and its various spin-offs has made a 15-year career out of announcing the final rose, overpromising on dramatic moments, marrying winning couples, and (more frequently) refereeing breakup interviews.

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He narrated the events (in case, you know, you forgot what happened during the commercial break) and provided the voice-overs, making the decision to select an interior designer seem every bit as intense as choosing your future husband or wife. Take a look…

The transformations are not only beautiful (Joanna's eye for design is on point) but also jaw-dropping—I've seen the Gaineses help take a $25,000, dilapidated abandoned home ready to be razed and turn it into something magazine-cover-worthy. My only complaint?

I love me some Property Brothers just as much as the next person, but I have an admission to make: They are no longer my favorite HGTV duo (sorry, Drew and Jonathan! ).

"We feature all homebuyers and living choices," HGTV said in a statement.

But before the Scott twins and the adorable Gaines came Harrison: Back in the early 2000s, he was the host of a design competition show called Designer's Challenge.

But before Harrison mastered side-stepping into frame and saying "Ladies… ," he appeared on one of our other guilty pleasures: HGTV.

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