Lebron James's 5-Year-Old Daughter Just Made the Cutest Natural Hair Tutorial Video

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James goes on to explain that they like to do space buns as an in-between maintenance style when she's not wearing braids, and that they use what's known as the "L. C. O. " method, which involves using a refreshing spray, leave-in conditioner, and oil. "I've found that this method works really well with her hair," she says.

She then introduces Savannah James, who reveals that the first look they're going to do is space buns. "It's one of my favorites because I think you look so cute," she says, giving little Zhuri that "proud mom" smile.

Next up, James says they like to spice the space buns up every now and then with accessories, such as a headband or bobo hairties, which became popular in the '80s and '90s. "I'll usually decide what we're gonna go with based on what matches her outfit for the day," she explains.

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