Taylor Swift's "The Man" Music Video Knows No Subtlety

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In the scenes that follow, the Man can be seen popping bottles on a yacht with beautiful scantily clad women (this is the part where, if you were hoping for an actual Leonardo DiCaprio cameo to go along with the lyrics in the song, you will be disappointed, but Swift’s father Scott makes an appearance later in the video instead).

The lyrics of the fourth single released from her seventh studio album Lover try to unpack the double standard of being a woman—particularly one who works in the music industry, as is revealed in a scene from Swift’s recently released documentary, Miss Americana, where she allows viewers to see her going through the songwriting process for this particular track.

The main character of this narrative is a Machiavellian executive who wins over everyone at the office, manspreads on the train, smokes in people’s faces, and pisses wherever he sees fit (particularly on a subway-tiled wall graffitied with titles of Swift’s albums, leaving his mark) during the first verse of the song.

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