This New Treatment Gives Eyes a 'Lift' Without Surgery

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The initial treatment lasts up to a week, although the effects of mine gradually went back to normal after about five days (it’s different for everyone). “What we recommend is to get one treatment a week for three weeks,” says Calvo. “And then once a month after so the results are cumulative.

When I met with Mimi Calvo, East Coast Training Director at Guinot, for a treatment at their Fifth Avenue location, a number of questions were running through my head.

The more you do, the longer it lasts, and the better the results. ” Oh and safety tip: remember to remove any contact lenses before the treatment or wear glasses to easily take off, if needed, during the day of.

Calvo notes that as we grow older, our cells don’t regenerate as much—there’s also a decrease in collagen and elastin fiber production—so adding a bit of action around the eye area is helpful to stimulate blood circulation.

Although it’s somewhat of a splurge ringing in at $110 per treatment, the results of Guinot’s eye treatment speak for itself.

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