Why Balayage Is Perfect For Bob Haircuts, According to a Top Colorist

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Balayage got its name from the French word for "sweeping", since with this hair color technique, dye is strategically hand-painted by the colorist, "giving softer, less noticeable re-growth lines, unlike traditional foil highlights that can typically be uniform and stripy," said Jack Howard, balayage expert and educator at Paul Edmonds salon in London.

"For wavy bobs and lobs with heavier layers, I like to add a full head of micro balayage and small face-framing pieces to give the same impact, which is still softer than foil highlights," said Howard.

Chocolate-toned brunettes can get balayage to add very slightly lighter (think: chestnut colored) pieces throughout the hair, which adds dimension to the hair without totally changing the shade of it.

Balayage has long been associated with long, beachy hair, but "balayage is for all hair lengths, textures, and colors — not just for blondes or long hair," explains Howard.

Typically, with longer hair, balayage is applied through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, which means slightly different rules apply when it comes to hand-painting shorter haircuts.

For example, if you have blunt or invisible layers, you can add some pieces of balayage throughout with a few face-framing sections (also known as money piece) closer to the roots, which not only keeps it light and fresh, but also means it’s easy to maintain with regular trims.

POPSUGAR UK editor Ange Law loves to get balayage while having a bob because she feels that it gives the illusion of "fuller" looking hair, particularly in the front sections.

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