Grey Hair is Trending, Thanks to the Global Movement 'Grombre'

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These beauty myths kept me stuck in a trance of unworthiness for decades, perpetuating a cycle of dyeing my hair every few weeks out of fear of appearing ‘older. ’ On those days where I question things, I have learned to sit in those moments of doubt and uncertainty and work my way through them, recognizing that they are not truths, only myths perpetuated by the beauty and ‘anti-aging’ industry that has a huge financial incentive in keeping women stuck in a shame cycle about aging.

Swipe to see the process, and my before photo of my hair. ???? to the @pozasalon team, and shout out to Ashley for that week-making head massage. Love, (Martha) Grombre. “When I was 21, my sister was diagnosed with cancer — and my first stripe of white almost simultaneously appeared smack dab in the center of my head.

And for a deeper dive into the world of gray hair, there’s grombre. com, which includes Sezuhn (sea-son), “a blog that broadens to consider seasons of life. ” Grombre was founded by Martha Truslow Smith, a 28-year-old creative who came up with the idea in 2016 to help her through her own hair transition. The goal of it all?

Described as "a radical celebration of the natural phenomenon of grey hair”, the page not only shows easy-to-like photos but also includes moving quotes from women on what the hair color means to them.

I feel liberated for not having to hide my silver waves (plus tones of money and time saved) which I adore and make me look unique. “It is not just grey hair.

I’m glad I stuck with it, because after 10 months, I’ve discovered that my silver hair does not make me look ‘older’; in fact, it looks much more natural and complements my skin tone.

Before diving into any technicalities, Zahava took time to listen to me, asking what I liked (and didn’t like) about my current hair.

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