How Tracee Ellis Ross Channels Her Mom, Diana Ross, in "The High Note" Trailer

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You can’t have a movie starring Tracee Ellis Ross as a musician and not reference The Supremes, the chart-topping girl group that made Motown Records (and Berry Gordy) a fortune in the ’60s, and inspired the Tony Award-winning musical Dreamgirls.

Diana Ross received her first (and only) Oscar nomination in 1973, for appearing in the 1972 Billie Holiday biopic, Lady Sings the Blues.

Watching the teaser, it’s clear that Ross (or at least her character, the musician) is in part an homage to her mother Diana Ross, the Motown icon—and not just because she spends the movie singing her own songs and obviously looks a lot like her mother.

Maybe it’s a stretch, but a peek at one of Grace’s album covers appears to channel the August 1981 Interview magazine cover that featured Diana Ross photographed by Peter Strongwater and interviewed by none other than Andy Warhol.

In 1975, Ross appeared in Mahogany, a romantic drama, directed by her then-boyfriend Berry Gordy, about an aspiring fashion design student who falls for a fashion photographer (Anthony Perkins) and becomes a runway model in Rome.

The trailer for The High Note, which stars Tracee Ellis Ross as Grace, an aging musician who is tired of touring the same show every night, has finally been released.

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