Selena Gomez Is Reportedly ‘Relieved’ to Be Done With Justin Bieber

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She’s not concerned with her next romantic relationship, per this source, though she’s open to it. “Right now, she is focusing on [her own mental health] as well as her music and isn’t actively looking or going out of her way to be in a relationship right now,” the insider tells Us. “She is still healing, but now knows what kind of guy she would want to date and what qualities he would need to have in order for her and her future boyfriend to be in a healthy, thriving, loving and supportive relationship.

According to Us Weekly’s source, music played an instrumental part in Gomez’s journey from pain to joy. “She loved being able to tell her truth through her own art and her own way,” the source says. “It took a lot of discipline, obedience, and strength to get her mental and emotional health back in a good place.

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