14 Silk Pillowcases That’ll Give You Shinier, Smoother Hair

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It's made of mulberry silk but has a cotton underside (which is totally fine since you're technically sleeping on only one side), and the zipper keeps the insert from slipping out of the pillowcase at night.

Chances are a night of particularly deep sleep has wreaked havoc on your hair at least once before, but the best silk pillowcases can help you avoid crazy bed head in the future.

What's more—sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help prevent wrinkles, so bringing them into your bedroom could have a positive impact on your hair and skin, and who doesn't want that?

As mentioned above, delicate silk won't cause fine lines that rougher materials, like cotton, are believed to contribute to, and they can actually help make your skin-care products more effective. "They keep your products from escaping from your skin, so you can really ensure they are penetrating," says celebrity facialist and La Mer global skin-care adviser Georgia Louise.

When you're looking to up your sleep game with a silk pillowcase, you might as well get yourself a top-notch pillow to lay your head one while you're at it.

I've been sleeping on silk pillowcases since high school and have tried tons of different brands, but I keep going back to this one.

So it's essential that I sleep on a silk pillowcase whenever possible, and Slip has been my go-to for years.

No shade, I genuinely love its sheets—but after using this 25-momme, pure mulberry silk pillowcase, I get why people invest in more luxurious fabrics.

If it's your first time buying a silk pillowcase, one with momme in the teens will get the job done.

Ever since a girlfriend gifted me a set of silk pillowcases as a housewarming gift, I've been craving a new set to put into my rotation and to treat holiday houseguests.

But the main draw to silk pillowcases is the potential hair and skin benefits.

I think I've found a pillowcase that replaces my silk night scarf!

I'm almost as committed to silk pillowcases, and I love that you can mix and match these pillowcases and eye masks—they're great for gifting! —E. P.

In an effort to upgrade your beauty sleep, we asked our editors to test the best silk pillowcases out there and report back with their favorites.

These 16-momme mulberry silk beauties come in 36 fun prints and colors, including pretty florals, fun geometric patterns, and—my personal favorite—this leopard-print one that instantly makes your bed (and your hair) look so much cooler. —L. S. © 2020 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

If you're looking for a quality silk pillowcase that costs less than $50—this one delivers.

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