The Best Period Sex Tips, According to Experts

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If you're worried about staining, you can cover up your regular sheets with a blanket to retrofit your bed for period sex. “You can even get special bedding such as a rubber sheet to protect your bed,” says Chavez. “When you‘re on your period, some women report more pelvic congestion, which is a heaviness that [may] trigger arousal,” says Costa. “This is why some women report wanting to have more sex while on their period, versus none at all. ” Gentle positions like spooning can be a perfect way to enjoy sex right now, adds Morse: “You can play with the depth of penetration and different angles to make sure it works for you. ” (The same goes for missionary!

There are plenty of great reasons to indulge in the joys of sex during your period, and a ton of ways to maximize pleasure when doing it. "More comfort around messiness can break down barriers to sexual enjoyment," says Shannon Chavez, a psychologist and certified sex therapist in Los Angeles. "Studies have shown that people who have higher arousal are less grossed out by bodily fluids and ‘messy period sex.

Plus, some women find period sex to be more enjoyable overall. “One of the great things about period sex is that you don't need any lube because you’re already incredibly wet, which means some positions are actually easier for some women to be in,” says Costa. “Some experts suggest sticking to one position so as not to create a mess, but I say go for it," she adds.

It is possible to get pregnant during your period, so using your birth control method of choice is very important. “For women with shorter cycles, 21 to 24 days opposed to the typical 28 to 30 days, the risk is higher,” says registered nurse Gigi Gaytan. “Sperm can live for about two to three days, sometimes even up to five days, so if sex occurs at the end of the period and ovulation starts early with the sperm still alive, there is the chance the woman can get pregnant. ” Use a condom (even if you have a LARC).

If one of you is squeamish about blood, try using a blindfold. "Your period is the perfect time to elevate sex by exploring other senses like sight and sound," says Shallon Lester, author of dating memoir Exes and Ohs and YouTube sex and dating expert.

You don‘t have to go full-on Fifty Shades with all kinds of leather contraptions—just peel off your shirt and toss it over your partner’s eyes, then pin their hands and tell them they can’t move or peek,” adds Lester. “Every sense will be heightened, and you can play around with sensations, from nails to nibbles, with more bang for your buck. “Not everyone is into [period sex], but that doesn't mean you have to eliminate sex altogether,” says Costa. “There are plenty of other ways to seek pleasure with one another that don‘t have to do with [actual intercourse]. ” Get started heating things up by exploring some of these surprising erogenous zones.

One of the most obvious benefits of period sex is increased pleasure. “When you have your period, your hormones are in overdrive, which means you might find it even easier to orgasm from touch or penetration,” says Emily Morse, sex therapist and host of the Sex With Emily podcast.

In fact, it can be particularly pleasurable—the hormonal changes that happen during your period—namely increased estrogen and testosterone levels—leads to intensified arousal (and sensitivity). “Your vagina is actually more open and receptive at this time, so if there was a position you were trying to do, but it didn't work so well in the past, now is the time,” says Carlen Costa, sexologist and relationship expert. (For inspiration, check out real women’s favorite positions for explosive orgasms.

Orgasm can also help ease any period cramps. “Orgasm will release feel-good chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins (our body’s natural painkillers) that can ease the pain of menstrual cramps and bloating,” says Chavez.

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