Ask an Expert: Do Chemical Peels Reduce Wrinkles?

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We know the feeling, so, when we heard that chemical peels not only smooth out wrinkles, but can also improve skin’s overall texture, we sought out expert advice. “Yes, chemical peels are an effective tool for resurfacing skin, smoothing wrinkles and fine lines and improving skin’s texture,” says West Palm Beach, FL, facial plastic surgeon Michael Schwartz, MD.  But, according to New York dermatologist Adebola Dele-Michael, MD, not all peels work the same. “There are different types of peels: superficial, medium and deep.

Beverly Hills, CA, facial plastic surgeon David Nguyen, MD, says that while chemical peels are good for addressing the texture and tone of skin (thereby reducing wrinkles), he prefers using lasers to treat the same issue because they’re more precise.

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