Next Time You Get Braids, Use One of These Types of Kanekalon Hair

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Our favorite braiding hair at HairBySusy salon is X-Pression Braiding Hair," she says. "We can cut and manipulate the hair to our desired length and I find that you also use less of it, which is good for the overall cost of the style and weight on the head. " Oludele notes that this type of hair is excellent when she's creating box braids, Senegalese twists, silky locs, and even updos. "They are best to hold the braids in and last longer that other brands I’ve tried. " Oludele is particularly fond of the 72 to 84-inch option, as it allows the stylist more flexibility in cutting and styling.

Ohio-based stylist Erynn Townsend loves to create box braids, Senegalese twists, and feed-in braids on her clients using Ruwa’s Pre-Stretched Braiding hair. "It has a solid color and length range, and a finger-soothing grip texture ideal for serious braiders. " When the braids are installed, kanekalon hair needs to be dipped in boiling hot water in order to keep the ends from unraveling.

Hairstylist Ursula Stephen isn't particular about her brand of braiding hair, but one thing she does look for when she's hair shopping is whether the package says "full" or "jumbo" across the front. "The best styles that are created with this is hair are mostly braided hairstyles such as cornrows and box braids," she shares. "I also use kanekalon hair as stuffing for styles like a French twist.

Los Angeles-based braider Asia Monae favors Rastafri hair for her braiding sessions. "It doesn't tangle, comes in a variety of colors, and even comes pre-stretched, which is perfect for feed-in and box braids. " Pre-stretched hair, by the way, is feathered out at the ends, which keeps the braids from unraveling and tapering as you install them. "When the hair isn't pre-stretched, you waste time and sometimes some of the actual hair trying to stretch it.

It’s very helpful when you want to create different shapes and styles with natural hair. " The Sassy Collection has jumbo braiding hair that is 100 percent kanekalon and promises to be easy on a braider's fingers. "Kanekalon is usually the key word, anything else is most likely plastic and could be hard to work with," Stephen explains. © 2020 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

While this may look better visually because toyokalon is shiny, it doesn’t look as natural as pure kanekalon. "While toyokalon hair tends to tangle less and be shiny, there isn’t enough grit to lock the braid into itself," Kamilah says. "If possible, try to touch a piece of the hair through the package and feel if it is similar to a natural blown-dry hair texture as opposed to a plastic fiber feeling or too soft to the touch.

Every braider I've brought this hair to has gushed about how gorgeous and soft it is. " She's more likely to use this hair for braids she doesn't plan on keeping in for a long time.

Rastafri hair also tends to be a softer texture, which is a boon on a braider's hands. "Some cheaper brands cut the hands, and can even irritate the scalp and break the hair it’s being installed into," Monae explains.

Her favorite thing about Catface hair is the fact that the brand has a wide array of rainbow ombré hair colors. "Honestly, Catface has the best selection I've seen, and the ombré's dont look cheap.

Kamilah, who currently styles hair for Madonna's Madame X Tour, is also a fan of this type of hair. "There are three main reasons Ruwa hair has become my go-to hair for braids: First, the Ruwa hair is pre-stretched.

She favors X-Pression Premium Original Ultra Braid when she's working in her Brooklyn salon. "There are so many different types of brands, but I always like to go with hair that is familiar.

To avoid this, Kamilah likes to use the pre-stretched Innocence EZ Braid. "It is antibacterial and still has a relatively natural look to the hair," she explains.

Ruwa hair is soft and has a natural looking shine that mimics blown-out natural hair," she explains.

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