The Best Screen Cleaners to Keep Your Cell Phone Germ-Free

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In light of recent events, the CDC recommends regularly cleaning all “high-touch” surfaces including countertops, doorknobs, and more—and Apple reworked its guidelines on how to clean your phone, noting Clorox wipes and other 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes are safe to use on the surfaces of all its products.

Social distancing and keeping healthy is obviously the most important thing right now, but cleaning your phone screen can also help prevent acne caused by oil and bacteria buildup.

Developed in the name of healthy skin, this pack of towelettes could help ward off pesky blemishes caused by dirt on your screen, and it’s available in a range of cute package designs.

This plant-based screen spray is 100% naturally derived and comes with an extra bottle and reusable wipes, so you can give one to a roommate or a family member—and the cute koala logo might even lend a mood boost.

Cofounded by a mother of five, this alcohol-free cleaner was designed with large (sometimes messy) families in mind and will keep your surfaces clean without putting your little ones in danger of toxic chemicals.

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