This Is Us' Episode About What Life Would Be Like If Jack Lived Was So Emotional

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That was the premise of the second-to-last episode of This Is Us before next week's season four finale, in which Randall imagined how his life might have been different if his dad was still alive. Spoilers ahead.

Yes, it's true, we've seen a glimpse of Rebecca down the line a few months from now, but we haven't seen the whole context of that episode that she's having.

It was really just making sure it all felt very different from the guy we know so it's clear we're in a different version of life, but also not a totally different person than we knew.

Also, we've seen Rebecca struggle with Kate, but we've never seen Rebecca and Randall struggle to this extent. Mandy Moore, Sterling K.

In the alternate version, Randall—still upset with Rebecca—became a more carefree spirit who didn't marry Beth, dressed completely different, and wasn't the family man we know and love. (In that version, we also saw Kate married to someone other than Toby and they have two girls.

I think in both versions, even in the rose-colored version, we wanted to make sure there was a real logic to Randall's thought process, that it isn't just random but really thinking, "If I reconnected with William, then I would want to stay in town and I would meet Beth and it would all be able to go this way. " The same for the alternate version.

EB: Randall and Rebecca obviously have this incredibly close dynamic, but so much, as we know, has been put on Randall's shoulders from a very young age, especially after his father's death.

As we saw in last week's episode, he even defied Kevin's request to let Rebecca be happy for a few days in New York and instead brought up the possibility of enrolling her in an Alzheimers clinical trial in St. Louis. (She declined.

At the end of the episode, Randall convinces Rebecca to do the clinical trial in St. Louis.

Randall and Kevin aren't speaking, and Rebecca has just been brought home by local authorities after getting lost.

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