Five Natural Ways to Sleep Better Tonight—Even If You're Stressed Out

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It’s no secret things are chaotic right now: The stats are scary, social-distancing and self-containment aren’t part of the normal routine, and the anxiety and stir-craziness that surround it all is a lot to take in—a mix that makes the perfect recipe for not sleeping so great.

This one doesn’t just apply to a jet-lag situation: Chances are, you’re not in your normal routine and it’s a pretty important step to stick to what’s standard right now—i. e. , even without a morning commute, put priority on going to bed at a decent hour and waking up early.

The in-resident experts are part of the team of experts at SHA Wellness, a special place known for its holistic "rebooting" and very specific sleep programs.

Practicing even "light" exercise or doing some yoga moves and stretches in the hours before going to bed can greatly improve sleep patterns.

This one is never easy, and even harder to do with the calling of "quarantine snacks," but hear the expert duo out: Dinner should take place two hours before going to bed—no later.

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